Week 11 Blog A step forward

Week 11 Blog: A step forward

Monday, November 14

A step back means a step forward: Sometimes you need to step away from something to turn things around, and that’s what the Steelers did last week during their bye.

And it worked.

The players had four consecutive days off which is mandated league-wide for a bye weekend. It allowed players the opportunity to collect their thoughts, evaluate their own play and figure out what they need to do internally to help turn things around.

“I think it helped a lot,” said guard Kevin Dotson. “You get out of the mindset you were in. You get a fresh look, a fresh start. You don’t think about what happened in the past. I think that helped us move forward, have more confidence so we are able to play are actual brand we want to play. We have to keep it going.

“I feel like every week we had the chance for this type of game. Those games didn’t click. This is the game that clicked. This is how our offense is supposed to look. Everything clicked.

“It boosts the confidence. You want to build off it. You don’t want to dwell on it. You just want to move to the next game and know what you are capable of when you see it.”

One of the key factors before the team headed off for their bye was some of the conversations that took place in meeting rooms. It was open conversation, holding everyone accountable for the struggles and working on cohesion amongst all.

“It was eye opening for some people,” said Dotson. “Some people we already knew what it was, it just had to be said out loud. Once we cleared the air on everything, cleared up anything anyone was uncomfortable with, coaches did too. Coach T (Mike Tomlin) opened the air up for everybody. He could feel the rooms weren’t too cohesive. Now we started meeting as a whole offensive unit watching film instead of separately. We’ll watch it separately, but we’ll watch it as an offensive team, defensive team watch theirs, so we can see where everybody is coming from.”

Tight end Pat Freiermuth felt like it was heathy conversation, no tension, just talking to each other.

“I feel like we came together, talked things out, understood what we wanted as players and coaches and figured that out,” said Freiermuth. “It was good understanding our roles. I think we did a great job coming together and starting to put things together. There was obviously an issue. I feel like we started to figure it out.

“I don’t think there was any tension built up. Everyone was just frustrated with losing and obviously our job is to win. Whatever we can do to help make that process of winning is what we are going to do.”

That communication is something that Dotson said has to remain moving forward because it is beneficial for everyone.

“That is one of the main things,” said Dotson. “You can’t be afraid to communicate. You have to be able to say what is on your mind. Just to get it out there, say it, somebody might have an answer for you.”


On the run: The ground game came to life on Sunday in the 20-10 win over the New Orleans Saints, with a combined 217 yards on the ground, including a 99-yard performance by running back Najee Harris.

“He was a little more confident and a little more forceful in asking for the things he wants to run,” said guard Kevin Dotson. “Those were the main things. When you know exactly what you feel will work the best, you can run those plays more comfortably.

“We ran plays we were comfortable with and that did a lot for the confidence.”

Quarterback Kenny Pickett also did his part on the ground, with 51 yards rushing on eight carries to go with his 199 yards passing. Having that mobility at the quarterback spot is something an offensive lineman loves.

“It does a lot to be able to make somebody think a lot harder than they usually have to,” said Dotson of Pickett’s mobility. “It makes the defense think harder of who they need to look out for or watch for. People don’t realize how much it impacts the game.”

Time change alert: The Steelers game on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals has been flexed by the NFL.

The game, which will be played on Sunday, Nov. 20 at Acrisure Stadium, has been changed to a 4:25 p.m. kickoff. The game will be broadcast on CBS, KDKA-TV in the Pittsburgh market. The game was originally scheduled to kickoff at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday Night Football.

This is the first game this season that the Steelers have had flexed.

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