Cam Heyward shares perfect breakdown similarities between JJ Watt, TJ Watt

Cam Heyward shares perfect breakdown similarities between JJ Watt, TJ Watt

Cam Heyward shares perfect breakdown similarities between JJ Watt, TJ Watt

Cam Heyward shares perfect breakdown similarities between JJ Watt, TJ Watt

Everyone knows how capable JJ Watt and TJ Watt are on defense. Both are missiles on the field but here’s a more analytical breakdown of their similarities, via Pittsburgh Steelers veteran defensive tackle Cam Heyward on his Not Just Football with Cam Heyward (h/t Steelers Depot).

“The motor is identical. They both give relentless amount of energy to chase after the ball and getting after it. And I think that’s what makes them the pass rushers they are. It might not be the first move, it might not be the second move, but they just keep going and they’re like the Energizer Bunny. And that’s how they play. But I think that, and then I think they’ve got this one, we call it the ghost, where they show their hands, and they get a little dip through. And  I’ve seen both of ’em do it every single time. And it’s identical.”

JJ Watt, the oldest of the three Watt brothers in the NFL, is going to leave the pros soon, having already announced that he will be retiring by the end of the 2022 NFL regular season. Even though he is leaving, the Watt family still has Steelers linebacker TJ Watt and Steelers fullback Derek Watt to watch and cheer for.

But given that he also plays defense — at a very high level — like his older brother, it’s TJ Watt who will always be compared to JJ, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year winner. TJ Watt is not too shabby though, as he’s already got a Defensive Player of Year award himself to go with a share of the NFL record for most sacks (22.5) in a season.


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